Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 NFL First Round Haikus

My friend and Program Director at 1560 Chance McClain had a GREAT idea about doing a unique draft analysis after the first round last night. I LOVED the idea, gave it thought and HAIKUS came to mind. So here goes, my 2010 NFL First Round Analysis in Haiku form

1. Rams
A slinger will be
Only as good as his line
Bradford runs for life

2. Lions
Detroit needed lots
Suh dominates like a beast
Pro Bowl trips come soon

3. Buccaneers
Void of strong players
McCoy stands out with quickness
With heart with passion

4. Redskins
Make trade for McNabb
Protection a must for Skins
Trent the Sooner shield

5. Chiefs
Quite frankly the best
Berry does it all in back
Change the game he will

6. Seahawks
O Line help beckoned
Okung escaped the top five
No brainer at six

7. Browns
Is he fast or not
All scouts ask about Haden
Question not his play

8. Raiders
O, surprise, surprise
For some, McClain not worthy
But Captain and champ

9. Bills
Catch me if you can
Spiller thy name, fastest man
Buffalo loves speed

10. Jaguars
Tebow’s on the board
Jags brass says Alualu
City sheds a tear

11. 49ers
Talented warrior
Davis’ Poor work ethic
Camp Singletary

12. Chargers
Know who you want now
Need running back in worst way
Trade yields best back. Damn.

13. Eagles
Soar like Eagle Green
Graham is a pass rushing beast
Fast and nasty gem

14. Seahawks
Safety or corner
Play either Thomas will now
Great value in first

15. Giants
Giants pick the flip
Pierre-Paul is ath-o-lete
Pass rush gets some help

16. Titans
Stout and respected
Morgan has no flash or dash
But solid starter

17. 49ers
Build team inside out
Iupati with Davis team
Offense much improved

18. Steelers
No player in draft
Fits his team like hand in glove
Pouncey black and gold

19. Falcons
Sideline to Sideline
Spoon runs all day long to hit
Falcons need him now

20. Texans
Corner was the spot
We all knew that had to be
Jackson though shocked me

21. Bengals
Palmer needs some help
In the middle of the field
If healthy, Gresh does

22. Broncos
Must have a catcher
Bryant’s baggage too much crap
Thomas fits the mold

23. Packers
Are you kidding me?
Protect Rodgers back to win
Bulaga falls here

24. Cowboys
Bryant’s falling fast
Jerry needs to make a splash
Trade up and get him

25. Broncos
The Savior is here
Number 15 sits at home
Tebow finds new home

26. Cardinals
How on God’s green earth
Is Williams still on the board?
Dan is the Man here

27. Patriots
Cover and tackle
McCourty is tough as nails
Block kicks too he will

28. Dolphins
Parcells guy no doubt
Odrick with quicks in his feet
He will move to end

29. Jets
Some players are good
Too good to be here for Jets
Give Ryan Wilson

30. Lions
Speed kills the sign says
Best flies but head is still hurt
One touch, though, can kill

31. Colts
Bookends on the edge
Hughes isn’t Freeney not yet
But Colts have both now

32. Saints
Best player on board
Nice for Saints to be in spot
P Rob is fine here